Who we are

Since 1998, Integrated Facilities Solutions, Inc. (IFS) has assisted owners in the management of Projects, Programs and Facilities. During this time IFS has maintained a steady growth. Today we are managing entire facility development programs totaling in access of $200 million per year. Our Project Managers are experienced in leading projects with certifications that include PMP, CMAA, LEAN, LEED and CHC.

At IFS our project and program management thinking is grounded in facility operations. With a combined experience of over 100 years in operations, maintenance and project management, enhances our ability to explore for you not only first cost but also the cost of operation and maintenance. In addition, we work closely with your operations personnel and the construction team to minimize any disruption that a project will cause to current operations balancing added costs with operational needs.

Our Mission

Integrate the Client’s Facility requirements into comprehensive, sustainable Solutions.

Our Objective: NO SURPRISES

Integrated: A comprehensive approach–focused on the client’s objectives.
Facilities: A concentrated scope–focused on facility requirements.
Solutions: A clear outcome–focused on measureable results.

Our Values

• Transparent conduct.
• Accurate information.
• Reliable leadership.
• Equitable treatment.

• Goal driven.
• Team oriented.
• Consistent accountability.
• Committed performance.

• Accomplished goals.
• Exceeded expectations.
• Fulfilled stakeholders.
• Delivered value.