Virtually every project involves a relocation either of people and/or equipment.

Relocations have to be carefully planned in order to ensure a smooth transition. In the case of equipment you may have down-time that is not productive and wasteful if the relocation process is not done efficiently or when the machine is down for some reason. Often equipment relocations involve third party companies to obtain specifications and to re-calibrate or start up in the new location. Many times the relocation involves some disassembly and reassembly. All these matters need to be addressed. IFS has over the years worked closely with the design teams to make sure that required specifications for either new or used equipment are available. We have worked with your operations people to determine the most optimal schedule to be arranged. We also coordinate between venders and contractors to assure that the right people are available with the right tools, at the right location and at the right times to assure a smooth transition.

People movement can also be very time consuming and wasteful if not done in an orderly manner. Someone has to determine where each person resides today and where they will be in the future. Will they need a phone, data outlet, etc.? If this process is not managed well and people can not be productive for long periods, the results for you are very costly. IFS has developed a process and move matrix system that allows us to capture all the information related to each individual. This information is then shared with your IT and communication professionals, furniture vendors, etc. so that each item is moved in when needed, connected on time, and ready for a seamless move. There is also coordination with a moving company, helping them to assess the situation to assure that the right equipment and manpower is available for move day.