Your project is complete, you have all the closeout information and have occupied the new space.

Now your attention turns to the ongoing operation and maintenance of the new facility. IFS has extensive experience in the maintenance of buildings and equipment. We can help you with your building in many areas.

  • Maintenance system set-up
  • Training of maintenance staff
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance requirements
  • Safety systems maintenance
  • Set up and operation of a work order system
  • Set up and maintenance of an equipment history system
  • Cost analysis for repair/replace options

IFS has put in place systems that your maintenance people operate. We have trained and managed systems for owners. We can be flexible to meet your needs to help assure that when you are in your new facility that it is maintained to give you long service.

With our unique experience in facilities from their construction to maintenance management, we are uniquely qualified to provide building and equipment assessments. These assessments can range from a walk through and report of basic issues and concerns related to the building to the formulation of a team of specialists to give an in-depth report. We can budget needed upgrades to help you in your decision making process. Our assessments have included items that are unique to your requirements in a facility including; items that relate to location, zoning as well as the building itself.