One of the more time consuming tasks related to a project is the regulatory approvals and process.

IFS has been helping Owners through the maze of situations and red-tape for many years. Zoning, building codes, state and local agencies, etc. all have permit processes that need to be considered and addressed to move your project along. IFS has experience working with the design team, your legal counsel and regulatory staff members to see that permits and approvals are completed on time and that their impact is figured into the planning process so that both time and cost impact is addressed early. Thus, surprises are eliminated.

Related, and often just as frustrating for an owner is the risk management that needs to be addressed on each project. Risk management involves anything that can threaten the project’s budget, schedule, scope, goals or present an exposure for you. Schedule and budget risks have been addressed above. Other risks that need to be addressed include but are not limited to:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Construction safety programs
  • Operational loss
  • Public safety
  • Traffic management
  • Lien prevention and protection
  • Contractual relationships

Most risks need to be approached from both the side of prevention and protection. Safety management is a top priority consideration for a project.  We need to make sure that each contractor and team participant has adequate insurance coverage in place. IFS has built into its project processes methods to address and mitigate risk concerns. These include monitoring the insurance certificates, assuring that lien waivers are in place, and reviewing the contractor’s safety programs.