A comprehensive approach – focused on the client’s objectives

The essential element in any project success is that someone takes a high-level view of the project, bringing together all the resources and material required. A coordinated process, using technology and detailed proven hands-on management, serves to bring together the various parties like a conductor brings together the musicians in an orchestra. An efficient project requires a cohesive team with clear direction.

  • Addressing Your Business Needs
    • Build a business case that works for your business (ROI, Life-Cycle Analysis, etc.)
    • Provide the bridge between your business requirements and the project team
  • Providing a Clear Project Definition (Goals)
    • Define the facility requirements to address your business needs
    • Determine a budget and schedule
    • Clearly identify your quality expectations
  • Developing a Strategy to Accomplish the Project
    • Implement a project delivery process that best suits the project requirements
    • Hire a team that “fits” the project
    • Identify clear milestones within the schedule
    • Risk evaluation of the project
    • Launch clear collaboration tools
  • Establishing the relationship of risk and value
    • Anticipate and address possible cost variations
    • Coordinate all parties input to provide you with alternatives to consider
    • Manage the financial risk inherent in a capital project
    • Monitor and assure protection for project safety risks
  • Initiating Quality Improvement Processes
    • Application of Lean management, design and construction principles
    • Provide accountability standards for all team members
    • Eliminate Waste
    • Commissioning your project to ensure proper operations at move-in


“Begin with the end in mind.”   –  Stephen Covey